Jul 14, 2007

A simple book

Since I had a trip to Nha Trang last weekend, so i did not make a book as I planned on previous post. I am quite busy at that time, working and studying took it out of me. I wish I had enough time to do what i like or the day were 48 hours hmmm. Just a wish.
Anyway, i finished a simple book last night after school. I think it is so beautiful and it is easy to make one. I embroidered "Notes" to decorate the cover of book.
Here is my book:

A simple book, uhmm I have a small gift for myself.

The back of book

Embroider pattern in detail


Vivian said...

It's nice lah. Keep going, my friend!

Jen / domestika said...

This is just beautiful! I like that purple cover.

The next time you make a book, I hope that you take some photographs of each step in the process... so maybe you can show me how to make a book, too!

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