Jul 27, 2007

New bag, green again.

I have just finished a new bag. Green again. Maybe Green is my true color? I love green for it looks fresh, cool and light.

I used some pieces of net. I created some details on it, and then crocheted them together. I crocheted a flower to decorate. I bought a couple of wood carrying. It did not take too much time to finished.

Looks I have a new bag. Lovely huh?

A lovely bag.

Detail pattern.

A Flower to decorate

Crochet boder


knicksgrl0917 said...

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Jen / domestika said...

What a pretty bag, so fresh and delicate to look at!

The wooden handles that you bought are lovely, but I think they might be just a little bit too heavy and dark for such a dainty bag. What do you think it would look like with bamboo handles?

Yes, it may be that green is your colour -- and green is a very fashionable colour now, you know!

Doan Thuc said...

@ Jen: You are right, the wooden handles is heavy. The bamboo handles would be lovely for a pretty bag, I will make one with bamboo handles. Thanks Jen for the nice suggestion.

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