Jul 16, 2007

Net cover book

There are many ways to create a simple book for yourself. I punch two holes through the book, and lash it together with needle and thread. I took a net (one kind of net to make chair seat) I used green mixed white thread to crochet the hem.

hmm, Nobody make a book cover by net like me lol,
I love the green color of thread.

Inside the book

close up "Diary" pattern

The back of book

Ps: To Jen/Domestik , i finised the book and forgot to take pics of steps, I will do next time.


Vivian said...

Hihi. The book should be nicer than it is in the pics. Maybe you need a better background every time you picture your cute things!

Doan Thuc said...

You right Văn, I am not also satified about the pics. May be next time, you will help me to take pictures of my products lol.

SaigonNezumi (Kevin) said...

Wow, make me one please :-)

Jen / domestika said...

Thank you for leaving me a note! I will look for instructional pictures when you make your next book... ;-)

I do like the lettering on this book - very stylish! - and the net is also very interesting. I am not sure that we have this *exact* kind of net here in Canada... but it is always hard to know *for sure* by looking at photographs, isn't it?

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