Jun 18, 2007

My Sunday

I got up soon for i had to go to school. I was tired for today was Sunday. It is not fun to go to school on Sunday. I prefer to sit in the cafe shop and feel the taste of Saigon morning than go to school.
I went to the class on time, but there are not so much many people in the class, I thought they like sleeping in bed late on Sundays.

After the class, I took my motorbike and wandered round the SaiGon and bought some small things. SaiGon today was so beautiful, sunny and windy.
I went to the cafe shop in the afternoon and finished my day. I like Sundays like that, so peaceful. I wish my soul always peaceful like that.


Nhien said...

Hi sis,
I also love Saigon on Sunday morning, so beautiful and peaceful.

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