Sep 1, 2007


September 02
is the Vietnam's Independence day.
I am off work two days, so i have time to make these books.


pdbv said...

Hi Doan Thuc

Your works are awesome. Very nice hobby!

anchorp said...

Hi Doan Thuc,

I'm so proud of you for your work. Can you write some tutorials for this?
Beside, can i ask you "Do you like Barbie doll, have you ever sew some thing for her?" These days I always think about dolls, I don't know what reason, so that i have just got 2 from FunnyLand (so embarrasing!!) I'm not a child, i got marraged, but I like dolls...
Now I think i like to sew some things for them... share with me. haizeeee.

tulibri said...

hi doan thuc, I just came across your lovely blog and wanted to say hello from germany! be sure I'll be checking back so don't stop blogging :)

Diane said...

I love those books they are very nice indeed!

Anonymous said...

hi, i love crocheting but i don't know where to find yarns and hooks in saigon, i'm an expat:) please please tell me where...

anchorp said...

hi Che

you can find yarns and hooks around Ben Thanh Market, on Le Thanh Ton street.

Doan Thuc said...

@ Anchorp: you should stop by 218A Pasteur to find out more information. There is a class teach how to sew doll there.
@ Che: There a lot of yarns shops at Ben Thanh market in the central of Dist. 1. I hope you can find some yarns and show me your products.

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