May 21, 2007

Sleepless night

Last night, I could not sleep for unreason. I was sitting alone with ocean of thoughts. Could not remember what did I think?I really like the late desert and the quite hours of the night, so peaceful and this is the only time I can see the life here is tranquil. It was quite late but I was still awake. I got up and found something to do. I walked backwards and forwards in my room, I saw my cell-phone. Suddenly I thought I should sew a bag for my cell phone. Why not? I took the needle, yam and started to sew. After 45 minutes I had this one:

Wow wow it is really suitable for my phone.

The back of the cell-phone bag

I was so happy. My cell-phone bag is so lovely. It was just 4:30 am, and I was still awake. I decide to hang out for coffee. There is a street coffee shop in front of my alley, I went there and ordered a cup of coffee and looked at people on the street. It was so funny. Although it was still soon but street was quite crowed. This city always gets up soon. It was morning. I went home after a night without sleeping. It was not so long.

I heard this song over and over again lastnight.


Jen / domestika said...

That is a very pretty bag! I wrote about it on my blog today, so it might give other people an idea for something to make when they have a sleepless night.

Doan Thuc said...

Thanks Jen. I am so surprise and glad.

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