May 16, 2007

Change your attitude to success.

Eight years ago, I was reluctant to study at Printing University for I had no choice. I fail at the exam of annual Education University. And with my result I just could study at Printing University. I should have learned as I dream if I had gotten one more point in my result. I used to think become a teacher is very suitable for me like I was born to be a teacher. For this reason, I was so disappointed, I did not want to study Printing but I also could not stay at home without studying university. So I was unwilling to go to Printing school. Even though, I studied at Printing school I always put my mind in the Education school. I hated Printing. I always complained that I was an unlucky girl, why I had to learn what I don’t like, Printing was so boring, it was not attracted me. And I did not give my whole mind to study, so my study result was so bad.

I kept this attitude in a haft of the first term still one day, my Professor told me: “Doan Thuc, if you don’t like Printing, stop learning and find another school, it is not too late so don’t waste time here. And if you had decided to learn Printing, please be serious and study hard. Printing is not so bad like you thought. Printing has a lot of interesting things worth to explore. And because you chose Printing, so try to like it and try to explore it. I bet you will like it”

And my Professor was right. After I had a talk with him I decided to change. I was waste too much time in the bad attitude. Why I cannot love Printing? Why I cannot be a Printing Engineering, or Prepress Engineering? Why I cannot be a Graphic Designer? Oh yes I can if I love Printing and it is no big deal if I try more. I talk to my-self: “You have to love Printing”. I stopped thinking about Education school, and stopped complaining about Printing. I start to pay attention about all my subjects at school. I searched so much more information on Internet, in library and I had so many good finds. I was so amazed about this and I recognized that Printing is so awesome and Printing was worth to explore.

Printing is developed base on Computing and modern technology, so I also need to learn about Computing, and for these reason I always update a new things and never felt backward. I was making great strides in learning.

In the other hand, Printing is a modern Art, so I also was studied: How to arrange a beautiful magazine? How to make a beautiful font face? How to create hard cover book, a packaging, a calendar, a poster….? All things make me feel I am an artist who creates the beautiful things for our life. The point is clear, so there is no need for further argument, Printing is fully captivated me. I learned it wholeheartedly. Very lucky I am, I found what I love in the early life.

When I was the third-year student, I became an intern at one of the Printing house of this city. I worked very hard and tried to learn the new thing and compared all the reality in the factory to what I have learned in school. I tried to come face to face with reality. And I the result finally I had is I got the job at that company, got some awesome achievements in my work. I think I am worth to enjoy the fruits of my labor. And I am always proud of myself about what I have done and all what I have today is all my endeavors, my serious working.

There is nothing you cannot do as long as you try all your best. I believe you can do it. You just can be successful when you change your attitude and do your work seriously.


SaigonNezumi (Kevin) said...

It is amazing what direction life leads you. I feel destiny is real and that for some of us, we cannot change it. Everything happens for a reason.

I look back at my life and am very surprised how things led me to Vietnam. I always wanted to be an airline pilot but each time I made a move, I was pushed in another direction. As I get older and older, I begin to understand why,

I like the choices I make and now have learned to keep a positive attitude regardless of the situation I am in. Everything happens for a reason.

Doan Thuc said...

You right. Everything happens for a reason. As speech of Steve Jobs- CEO of Apple :"You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards"

Demifantasy said...

Hay! Và Giỏi! Chúc mừng nha Thục, hình như em Thục đang đi đúng hướng rồi đó!

My story is different!

Hồi 20 tuổi, nhà anh muốn anh học kỹ sư, và anh Lực đã theo học kỹ sư. Nhưng sau 1 năm theo đuổi, anh cảm thấy rằng nó không hề thích hợp, vì hình như anh sinh ra là để làm kinh doanh chứ không phải để làm kỹ sư!

Vậy là bỏ! Bỏ để làm lại từ đầu! Hồi đó anh chạy chậm hơn bạn bè 3 năm, nhưng ngày hôm nay hình như anh có cảm giác anh đang chạy trước họ hơn con số 3 đó rồi!

Tự nhiên nghĩ lại, nếu ngày đó mình cứ cắm đầu học kỹ sư ,thì ngày hôm nay mình sẽ là gì?

Dù sao đi nữa, nhìn những sản phẩm thủ công của Thục như sổ, sách, gói quà vân vân, anh tin là Thục đang đi đúng hướng!


Doan Thuc said...

Vậy là mừng cho anh, đã nhận ra tìm ra đúng hướng đi. Vậy anh cũng hiểu phần nào Thục gọi anh là Kira Kira chứ hả?
Cũng như anh Thục đôi khi cũng tự hỏi, không biết hồi đó đậu sư phạm rồi đi học, hổng chừng lại làm dốt mấy chục thế hệ....tội lỗi ghê.

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